New!! GMS Dashboard Reports

The GMS Dashboard

The GMS Dashboard is a comprehensive set of monthly reports which interrogate the payments made to every GMS GP in your Practice in the ‘Pink Sheets’. This data is then presented to you in an easy to follow overall Practice Summary and in more comprehensive individual reports for each of your GMS panels.

Critical items such as capitation, leave allowances, STCs and practice support subsidies are analysed and summarised. No payment or deduction is overlooked. Areas of concern are highlighted each month and actual payments are compared to maximum potential claims based on panel size, weighted panels, employees hours and more.

Average payments per patient are compared to averages received across the entire database. STC values and quantities are compared to average and ‘best performing’ Practices. The ability to benchmark your GMS performance against the average and best performance of your GP colleagues is now available to you.

12 months of rolling data is provided every month, so not only can you compare your performance against that of your peers you can also compare internal trends over the previous 12 months.

  • What is my average monthly income per GMS patient in the Practice and how does it compare to other Practices?
  • Am I being paid the maximum practice support subsidies for my Practice?
  • How do our STC claims compare against the industry norms and the highest claiming Practices?
  • Have I been paid all my annual and study leave?
  • Did I get my medical indemnity rebate?
  • Have I received and filed all my F45 certs?

Have I really maximised my GMS income?

These are just a sample of the unending list of questions. Answer these and many more with just 10 minutes of GMS Dashboard analysis every month. The GMS Dashboard provides every GP with reports that they cannot and should not manage their business without.

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