Conflict Resolution/Mediation

As in all aspects of life, there exists the potential for disagreement and differing opinions. Our conflict resolution and mediation process is available to clients who feel that an independent, objective and experienced view may assist in the resolution of conflict within the Practice.

Conflict resolution and mediation services can be provided to resolve issues existing within the Partnership structure or to assist in the resolution of grievance and/or disciplinary issues which exist within the employer-employee relationship.

Each conflict resolution service will be tailored specifically for the client to address their unique needs. Where necessary we will consult with solicitors and/or trade unions representing individual parties. At all times we will remain objective and independent with the core aim of securing a resolution which is agreeable by all parties and which ensures the ongoing operations of the Practice.

For further information on Conflict Resolution and Mediation services please contact Barry O’Brien directly on 087 697 2000.