Who is managing my practice?

Practice management is a complex and time consuming process. In today’s environment, more than ever, good commercial management is proving to be the critical tool in ensuring the ongoing success of any General Practice, large or small. Whether you like it our not, GP’s are also responsible for running a business, employing staff and managing people and processes.

In an ideal world a dedicated Practice Manager assumes this role. However in many practices, a full time, suitably qualified Practice Manager is not an option – either because of financial constraints or a simple lack of candidates with relevant expertise in the area.

Abbey Medical – Management Consulting is a General Practice management
consulting service which was founded by Barry O’Brien, a partner in Abbey House Medical Centre, Navan, Co. Meath. AMMC has been providing General Practices throughout Ireland with practical, tailored management solutions since 2005, and has consulted for over 500 GPs since its foundation. Our services are aimed at ensuring the commercial success of the practice, whilst allowing the GP partners or principal focus on their clinical responsibilities, safe in the knowledge that their commercial interests are being monitored and managed on their behalf.

Key to AMMC’s service is the ability to provide ‘real world’, practical management expertise in a highly unique industry, working closely with GP partners/principals and practice administration staff. Our primary aim is to introduce and sustain a new level of commercial and financial management/expertise into the practice.

Consultancy packages can be tailored both in costs and services to suit General Practices from single handed surgeries to multi-partner medical centres. We will visit your Practice and tailor a management solution that suits your needs and budget. We can provide General Practice management expertise on either a regular structured basis or an on-demand basis for specific queries.